Video: A Garden Editor? Interesting Concept

Do you work with Nature … or against it?

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.16.16 PM
In this video, we are challenged to find out what nature has intended and work with it for best results. Holistic gardner, Christina Nikolic talks about collaborating with nature to create healthy garden. Christina views a garden as an eco-system and sees herself as a part of that eco-system, harvesting from it and enjoying it. But that’s where she draws the line. “I am not in charge. I am not in control. I am just editing slightly Nature’s wisdom.”

A nice concept, but IMO, we must control nature as long ago instructed by our Creator. Of course, that doesn’t mean we abuse our habitat! Quite the contrary. If we should all learn to appreciate what we have, our planet would be a healthier place to live. What about you? I actually like what this lady says … in spite of what it appears like she means. She is certainly in control … and that’s not a bad thing. We could learn a lot from her!