Magnet Therapy: Could It Ease Your Arthritis?

We may have read about it or seen the numerous advertisements for magnetic products. There are different anecdotal claims that magnet therapy could reduce chronic pains. There are several studies conducted to figure out the effects or benefits of magnetic therapy.

Magnet therapy can help those who are suffering from arthritis. Through the use of magnets, the pain can be treated by increasing the circulation of the blood. Actually, it is not only arthritis that magnets can heal. There are also users who have testified the effectiveness of magnets on carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. In fact, the use of magnets could be traced as early as the Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and Greek civilizations.

Magnetic treatment or healing can balance the body?s positive and negative energies. When the body is full of positive charge, the body is in an acid-producing stage. This can cause the person to experience, arthritis pain, general pain, fatigue, insomnia and stress. It could also be the cause for fat accumulation and weight gain.

The use of magnets in specific areas of the body could release these positive charges and return the body to its alkaline stage. The blood would have better circulation, which would allow more oxygenated cells to flow in the body. This could result into better sleep, clearer mental focus and activity, reduce inflammation and lessen or totally remove pain.

According to Arthritis Foundation, arthritis is one of the major health problems and leading causes of disability for Americans who are aged fifteen and above. More women suffer from this compared to men. And those half of the affected Americans, tend to believe that there is nothing that could help them relieve the pain.

When it comes to arthritis, the magnets can increase the oxygen circulation. Oxygen is very important in revitalizing and the healing process of the body. It would help in releasing toxins and remove excess calcium in the joints. Magnet healing could also increase the production of enzymes which are important in reducing inflammation.

There are studies who are trying to prove the benefits of magnets of arthritis. The studies are not that conclusive since the results showed improvement, the effects or the statistics are too minimal be considered significant like in the study published in the The New York Times in 2009 by Anahad O?Conner.

Although, there are medical professionals and institutions who are still sceptical of the effects and benefits of magnets on arthritis, the number of people who are interested in trying out the alternative method are increasing.

There are different forms of magnetic healing products to suit the different parts of the body which suffer from arthritis. There are bracelets, rings and wraps and foot insoles that can be used daily. There are also magnetic mattresses and head pads which can be used while at home.

If you are still figuring out if magnetic therapy is something you would like to try, I suggest you start with a basic product like a magnetic bracelet or wrap. This would help you get an idea if the treatment is working for you and if you are willing to invest into a bigger magnetic product like a mattress.

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