Magnetic Therapy , Guiding your Magnets

Magnet therapy is a treatment procedure that involves the careful placement of strong magnets on the body to induce treatment. The magnetic field that is being generated by the magnets goes deep into the body and helps improve blood circulation, alleviate pain and help the body deal with the ailment. With this in mind, it is therefore very important in magnetic therapy to guide your magnets to the right position in order to achieve great results. There are a number of methods used to apply these magnets on the body.

Among the well known methods include the use of magnetic mattresses, magnetic insoles and the more popular magnetic jewelry which uses bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings as holders for the magnets. However, some would argue that magnetic jewelries do not induce much healing because of the small magnets used and the limited positions they are placed on the body.

Despite having no definite scientific proof to back up claims of magnetic therapists that magnets can induce healing, more and more people are beginning to believe and use magnets as a complementary form of treatment. The magnets can stop the pain signals from reaching your nervous system, they can help increase or normalize the blood flow allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be absorbed the cells resulting to faster healing and reinstates the overall balance of the body?s cells.

However, positioning the magnet is very important in this kind of therapy to achieve notable results. Ideally the magnets should be placed directly on the area where pain is observed to occur. Take for instance magnetic soles. These magnets are designed to relieve pain on your legs and feet after standing or walking for hours at end. Wearing a bracelet obviously will not solve your feet problem.

Arthritic pain on the fingers requires placing the magnets on the joints. A magnetic wrist band might work here as well but a bracelet might contain a magnet that is too weak to even see considerable results. The same way can be said for alleviating back pains using magnetic therapy. Placing magnets on the two sides of the spine would help solve your back pain problem. Similarly, attaching a pair of magnets on your temple or at the back of your head will help keep that headache at bay.

The magnet?s South and North poles have different applications as well. One thing you should remember is that the magnet?s north pole is magnetically negative while the south is magnetically positive. You should use the north pole for body infections, alleviate pains from menstrual cycles, inflammations, for cold and accompanying symptoms and for scar tissue healing. The south pole, on the other hand, is best used for muscle strengthening, prostate problems, congestions and when one is pregnant.

Guiding your magnets to the right positions in magnetic therapy is just as vital as using the correct magnets themselves. If you have the right magnet with the right strength and polarity, placing them or using the poles the wrong way and everything is just a waste of time and effort.

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