Reflexology In The Digestive System

In reflexology, the feet represent several internal organs and glands that can be applied with manual pressure to help improve their condition and functionality.

One of these is the urinary bladder, the pressure point is located on the arc just before it ends to the ball of the feet. The urinary bladder is responsible for releasing the filtered urine from the kidney. There are plenty of disorders associated with the bladder, yet the most usual symptoms are urine retention, urine incontinence and hematuria or blood in the urine. If you are experiencing any of these, it would greatly help if you start applying pressure on this particular area and see a doctor right away.

The gall bladder point, on the other hand is located on the sole of the right foot about a centimetre from the outer edge. The centimetre from the edge should be measured on an adult’s foot. The gall bladder stores bile which the liver produces, it also releases the bile when food containing fat enters the digestive tract. The bile assists in digesting fatty food by emulsifying it. When there is an oversupply of fat in the digestive tract, the liver and gall bladder are overworked yet the bile is unable to help digest the food.

The bile hardens and turns into the most common gall bladder problem known as gall stones. This problem is often asymptomatic but if feel pain between your shoulder blades, nausea, vomiting, bloating, indigestion and gas, it may help to relieve the pain by applying pressure on the gall bladder point. Always visit your doctor right away especially if you experience a steady severe pain in the upper abdomen that lasts for a considerable amount of time.

The pressure points for the kidneys are located in the middle of the soles of both feet. The kidneys filter the blood the completed its circulation from the renal arteries and afterwards drains it to the renal veins for another circulation. There are several kidney diseases and it is very important to note that being a blood filter, its function is extremely essential in ensuring that our anatomical system is clean and in tiptop shape.

For cases such as diabetes and hypertension, the kidneys are impaired as a result of these illnesses. If you notice changes in your urination, swelling, fatigue, rashes, metallic taste in your mouth or breath, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, chills, dizziness, and body pain, then you may be having problems with your kidney. This requires prompt attention and medication and while you are at it better start applying the pressure on both the center soles of your feet for added relief.

These are only three of the most important organs represented on the soles of one’s feet introduced to us by reflexology. There is nothing wrong in putting in additional protection, so long as you consult a professional physician and refrain from self-medication. Home therapy works for others, but they are just a handful and always consider yourself as the rule, not the exception.

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