How You Can Relax With Reflexology

Stress is part of everyday life. And you can’t avoid it no matter how prepared you are. There is stress in the workplace even by your simple interaction with your co-workers. And you get stress as well as you go home from your office- from the noises emitted by vehicles to the noisy conversations between the bystanders on the streets.

Though it’s always there, let it be known that you have the ability to counter and stop and manage the stress. And one way to make that happen is to rely on the relaxation response. This is known as that deep rest for a person, which is considered as in contrast with the stress response. If the stress will make your mind and body un-stable, the relaxation stage on the other hand will ensure that your body and mind will be on the right balance. And aside from those physical effects of relaxation, it is shown as well that this will increase the person’s energy and focus and can also help alleviate pain.

Now if you only know how to achieve that relaxation stage, right? The best part is that you can easily get into that relaxation state, and you don’t need to actually work on it. There are a number of massages and therapies that can be performed on you so that you can realize the relaxing stage. One such technique is through the adoption of reflexology. There is a science behind reflexology, and the relaxation stage that you will feel is just one of its many effects.

The idea behind this therapy is that there are a number of reflex points that are found on your feet and that these points correspond to a number of organs and glands in your body. It is believed that if someone stimulates the reflex points on the feet, then these will ensure the health of the organs of your body. Aside from promoting health, the relaxation offered by reflexology can also restore the blood circulation to your aching feet. And when done the right way, this can bring in a relaxing state that can be felt in all parts of the body.

Is massage and reflexology similar?

Some would say that reflexology bears some similarity with massage. Though there are similarities in applications, it should be reminded that technically the two are different. Just take a look at massage. When you are doing the massage, the force and touch is often applied to the muscles and the soft tissues of your body. Reflexology on the other hand focuses on the nerve endings. When undergoing reflexology, it should be noted that the procedure is not painful. But at times there will be that uncomfortable feeling especially if the targeted areas are too stressed.

But the nice thing is that the most expert therapist knows how to temper the pain. So the next time you are feeling down and you think that your body needs a relaxing break, one good option for you is to undergo reflexology.

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