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Good Fats to Eat – Curated

The Best Fats to Eat When You’re Keto A keto shopping list of the best fats to eat when you’re keto. Each of these best fats are rated on their smoke point so you can AVOID free radical damage and the risks associated with it, including immune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and more. There are so many oils out there that […]

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Bad Fats to Eat – Curated

The Worst Fats to Eat When You’re Keto (or any time) The oils you should never eat. Oils that cause inflammation, digestive conditions, and more. Smoke points, omega 6 to 3 ratios and why I choose not to consume vegan spreads. Ever. Many of us, myself included, have been duped by the food and “nutrition” industry to eat oils and fats that are […]

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Peaches Stop Breast Cancer Metastasis – Who Knew?

Is it true that peaches stop breast cancer metastasis? Incredible! Here’s the story: (NaturalHealth365) Three peaches a day can prevent cancer, in fact, it induces metastatic breast cancer cell death, says food science researcher Giuliana Noratto at Washington State University. Professor Giuliana Noratto in concert with researchers at Texas A & M said that when exposed to polyphenol chemicals in peaches, cell signals […]

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Your Cancer Doctor: A White Coat Bully?

Having cancer is scary enough. Its worse when your cancer doctor – the esteemed oncologist that you want to trust – treats you like an imbecile for wanting to know about good nutrition, natural medicine and ways to fight cancer. I have heard a few of these comments from my own doctor … what about you? This article from Ty Bolinger drives it […]

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Intermittent Fasting to Beat Cancer

4 Ways Calorie Restriction Stops Cancer Growth Stress and the threat of food scarcity was a major component of our ancient ancestors’ lifestyles. Fast and cheap food was not located at every intersection. Convenient microwaveable meals were not an option and food hotspots such as grocery stores were nothing but an unfathomable dream. So how did people survive what many of us would […]

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Harmful EMF Radiation: Are Laptops Dangerous?

How to Protect Your kids from Harmful EMF Radiation How times have changed. When I was a child the only screen we had in my house was the TV. Now screens are ubiquitous. It’s becoming the norm to see children, even toddlers with laptops and tablets on their laps, or clutching on to smartphones. The kids are happy because they can play games, watch cartoons, […]

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Road Trip Nutrition

Vacation Nutrition Takes Planning

Pack your suitcases and get ready to go on that dream vacation! And on vacation nutrition takes a backseat, yeah? After all, you’re on vacation, and a week’s worth of junk food won’t hurt, will it? If you’re like me, then you’ll be looking for ways to stay true to good eating – and this article will help! How to Eat Well While […]

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back to school

Back To School Fitness Requires Good Nutrition

BACK TO SCHOOL Like it or not, the end of summer is coming and it will soon be time to head back to school. As a classroom teacher, I see many students not starting the school year as well as they could which can have social and academic consequences later in the year. A good start in the classroom starts at the breakfast […]

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