Magnet Therapy For Pain Relief

Chronic pains are among the major health problems that patients suffer. There are about 5 million Americans who would suffer from chronic pain, lack of sleep, and fatigue because of fibromyalgia (FM). Taking constant medications may not only hurt your budget, it could also cause side effects. Which is why there are some patients who have arthritis, experience frequent migraines, and similar cases are on the hunt of alternative treatment. Magnet therapy is one of alternative methods of treatment.

To justify the claims, there are several studies conducted on determining if magnet therapy is indeed useful in pain relief. One of the several studies conducted on magnetic therapy is that of the University of Virginia. In their study, patients were divided into groups. The first group received fake magnet, the second group continued with their original treatment methods. The third group exposed their entire body to a uniform magnetic field. While the fourth group only exposed specific body parts to magnetic field.

After six months, the study showed that there are positive results from patients who have exposed themselves to magnetic field. Improvement was measured based on the frequency and intensity of the pain and the number of tender points in the body.

A similar study conducted in Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, showed that about 76% of patients with Post Polio Syndrome and Fibromyalgia who used magnets for pain relief, were experiencing less or no pain at all. This is compared to the 18% of those provided with fake magnets or placebo.

The New York Medical College conducted a study among patients suffering from diabetes and the tingling/burning sensation that sufferers would usually feel in their legs. The pain was reduced by using polarized magnets .

When patients use magnets, the blood flow increases in the area where the magnet is applied and this could help in reducing pain. The capillary walls would relax boosting blood circulation. Increased circulation would allow toxins to be released and flushed away. Aside from pain relief, better blood circulation could also result into better sleep.

Aside from that, magnets could also stop or intervene with muscle contraction and spasms. Spasms would only tighten the muscles and joints which could make movements or the area more painful. Medical magnets could help in relaxing and decreasing muscle tightness. They could also stop the nerves from transmitting electrochemical reactions or messages to the brain that would signal pain.

When using magnets for pain relief, it is important to consider the gauss or the power of the magnet. For medicinal purposes, magnets with about 400 to 10,000 gauss can be used. An ordinary refrigerator magnet would have about 10 gauss, so you would no be able to use that since it lacks power. Just attach the magnet on the area where the pain is felt. When desired results are not met, then adjust the position of the magnet.

Some would question the lack of scientific evidences supporting magnet therapy?s claims, but there is no denying the amount of interest it generates from the public. More and more people are trying to figure out if magnet therapy and alternative medication would be able to help them with their chronic pain.

What makes magnet therapy ideal, is that it is natural and works on three different aspects for pain relief: increase blood circulation, reducing muscle contraction and of course, interrupting electrochemical signals. However, before dropping your existing medication and shifting to magnet therapy for treatment, it is best to consult your physician, first. Your overall health and condition should always comes first.

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