Emotional Intelligence And Its Link To Stress Management

Emotional intelligence plays a vital role in stress management. It is very important that this concept is well understood to know how to utilize and maximize stress relief results.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?
Emotional intelligence is the skill or ability to control emotional state. It also refers to the knowledge on how emotions can affect the stressful situation you are in. Research studies say that people who have learned to improve their emotional intelligence ability have better ways to fight stress.

Stress And Negative Emotions
Stress basically comes as a result of negative emotions that are developed within you. It maybe a result from pressure at work, domestic problems, or misunderstanding among peers. On the onset of stress, the human body undergoes various psychological changes that are later on manifested in sysmptoms of stress.

The build up of negative emotion within you is either a cause or effect of stress. These emotions are putting one at risk of developing serious conditions like high blood pressure and high heart rate. Negative emotions trigger biochemical events that prompt to release cortisols or stress hormones, adrenaline. The presence of these can increase the risk of getting heart attacks or strokes.

Enforcing Positive Emotions
Being able to transform negative emotions to positive ones is a great thing. It reduces the potential harm the negative emotions can cause the body. It will also help improve your health and overall well-being.
Emotions have their own corresponding effects on one’s physiological and mental state – whether they are positive or negative emotions. While positive emotions can boost the supply of DHEA or anti-aging hormone in your body, negative emotions increases the risk of developing harmful health conditions.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Skills
Stressors assault anytime and anywhere. It is very important for you to be able to fight them and enhancing your emotional intellegence is a great way to help you do that. It can always be very challenging, so here are some steps to help you boost emotional intelligence.
* Be directly aware of all your body parts and how they function. It is very important to understand what you really feel inside.
* Take time to meditate. Constant meditation practice helps you develop high emotional intelligence and allows you a direct connection to inner self.
* Switch into healthy living and healthy diet. A healthy person has more positivity in dealing life’s pressures and daily stress.
* Create a journal. Releasing emotions can be done in writing. It is found to be a great method to discover emotional state patterns and establishing ways to control emotions.

The above techniques are great ways to enhance emotional intelligence skills and develop effective stress management plans.

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