Your First Reflexology Session

alternative-medicine-1327808_960_720For many, a reflexology session is a new thing. In fact, it should not be surprising to note that there are still some people out there who are clueless about reflexology. But since this form of therapy is here to stay, then it is but proper that a proper understanding of the therapy should happen. And it is best as well that everyone who are thinking and planning of taking this therapy session should know what to expect the moment they signify their intent that this form of therapy is for them.

Your first Reflexology Session

For sure, the first-timer who walks into the office of the reflexology therapists has a number of things running in her mind. What will the therapist do? For how long will the first session be? These are the most common concerns of anyone who visits the office for the first time. So what exactly happens during the initial meeting of the person and the therapist? I’ll admit, it is a little intimidating. The first time I had a session I almost freaked out simply not knowing what was about to happen.

The most basic thing that happens is that the therapist will do some background medical checks. And at this stage, the therapist will consider if indeed reflexology is the answer for the person. And if the therapist learns that this is the first time that the person is taking the session, and then he/she may explain the nature of the therapy and the benefits. It is here when the practitioner will explain that reflexology is just a complementary therapy and that this will not solve all medical and health woes. This is the point where the person or patient can ask questions as well.

When the Session Starts

You will know it if the practitioner starts working on the feet, the hands and sometimes on the ears. Again, the area where he works will depend on the health concerns that you have reported. There are some illnesses that will require that the practitioner works on the feet. And there are concerns too that will require for the person to work on the hands. If the practitioner starts working on the feet, then the person will be asked to lie down fully clothe and the shoes and socks removed.

There will be the washing of the feet first with warm water as a way to start the sessions. The practitioner will then check out the physical health of the feet, and will look for rashes and wounds that may affect or slow down the treatment.

The common reflexology session will often lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, and the length of time will depend on the practitioner. And at times the length will depend on the severity of the concern of the person. This is a relaxing session, so there is a chance that the person may fall asleep. There is nothing wrong with falling asleep during the sessions. The positive effects of the therapy can still be realized even if the person has fallen asleep.

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