Reflexology For Head Aches

The most widely used canvas for reflexology is the foot, probably because reflexology sessions often happen between two people, the reflexologist and the patient. Yet it would be helpful to note that the hands have the same reflexology map as the feet. Pressing on your own hand or palm is easier and more convenient especially if you are at work or out and about where you cannot possibly remove your shoes and massage your feet in public.

The most common health problem we encounter when we are out and about is headache. It is brought about by so many things we are allergic to: noise, pollution, light, rapid change of weather, temperature and inner struggles. It is a common occurrence for anyone to feel a slightly throbbing pain in the temple in the middle of a warm day.

When having bouts with headache, take a rest and relax yourself by pressing on the tips of your fingers. These tips represent the brain, head and the sinus. The left hand is for the left area of the brain and vice versa.

One of the possible reasons for headache can also be dizziness caused by low vision. If you have astigmatism or have used eyeglasses before and have decided to ditch the specs, you are more likely to have dizzy spells because of the change of range in vision. Some people actually refuse to wear glasses for aesthetic reasons even when they know that they need it, while some insist on wearing glasses when they have perfect vision. Either way it can lead to change in grade vision because it distorts the eyes.

If you feel that your headache is caused by vision problem, press the area between your ring finger and index finger. If you are not sure which eye nerve is affected press one area after the other. Most of time, the affected area would hurt a little with a soft press. Do not squash or over press any of your reflexology points because that could lead to injuries and bruises.

When you are at work in an office where you are tied to your computer the entire day, you will most likely suffer from a stiff neck. Keeping a good posture the entire day can be tiresome but bad posture can be injurious. However, whether you have good or bad posture, sitting especially in front of the computer for an entire day can put so much strain on your upper body.

Take time to stand up to stretch and bend your arms and back to refresh yourself. If the stiff neck has already gotten you before you knew it, massage the middle of the limbs of your fingers, where the middle knuckles are. This area represents the neck and gradual massages to this are will enable your muscles to relax and allow the blood to circulate.

Lastly, do not put undue stress on yourself by walking under direct sunlight, not wearing prescription glasses, skipping meals and overworking. No matter how much reflexology you apply to yourself, it won’t make your health better and easier if you keep getting stressed.

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