Reflexology For Heart And Chest Pains

Headache is one bothersome thing, but heartache is another, more serious matter. By heartache we mean the physiological pain felt in the crevasse of the chest, often a symptom of something more bothersome as an illness. Heart pain can be caused by several factors but can also be given temporary relief through reflexology. It could be borne out of a heart disease or illness or of complications from other diseases which disrupts the body’s pumping organ.

Heart or chest pain can be felt in various forms. Palpitations or a string of continuous loud thudding are irregular forceful beatings of the heart. This is often felt by people with coronary artery disease. It is the abnormal rhythm of the heart which is caused by the organ having difficulty pumping blood. One heartbeat follows too early overlapping with the previous heartbeat, wherein a premature contraction takes place. Irregular heartbeats that are either too slow or too rapid are called arrhythmias and fibrillations.

These are the symptoms you need to observe in yourself. For arrhythmias or rapid speed changes in heartbeats, most patients complain of dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath, palpitations and chest pain. This is because the body is trying to cope with the increased speed of the heart’s pumps. It is similar to sensation one feels after running or after a strenuous activity, only this time, the patient is calmly seated.

Tachycardias or bradycardias is the slowness of the heartbeat and the gaps or intervals in between beats. This results to a lack of blood flow to the brain and to the other parts of the body. The symptoms are similar to arrhythmias although the main reason for the dizzy spells would be the inadequate blood flow.

When faced with any of these symptoms, press the midfoot, where the web of toes start to spread. It should be about an inch in length. This area represents the breast, chest and the lungs. This will ease the tension the patient is feeling and allow blood to circulate and for oxygen to be distributed from the lungs. The heart pressure point is located on the soles of the feet directly below the big toes.

If anyone should experience any of the symptoms while she is alone, hand reflexology can also be undertaken. Apply pressure just below the knuckles on the back of the hand and on the palm for the pressure points of the chest, breast, lungs and upper back. The base of the thumb on the palm where thin loose skin webs it to the side of the palm is the area where the pressure point of the heart is located. Press this area until you feel calm and the chest or heart pain has subsided.

Reflexology can be used as first aid in times like these, especially if your senses have gone haywire and you cannot seem to get up to get help. Once calmed down, see your physician immediately because reflexology is not a cure it is simply a temporary relief from stress.

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